Monday, June 5, 2017

Fud is Gud

Ciao guys :)

This week kind of reassured me that God has a sense of humor and that
He's completely aware of us. We've been working hard all week (and all
transfer) to be able to continue to grow this work here in Catania and
we've seen some cool miracles but haven't had many (if any)
progressing investigators. Saturday night during my personal prayers I
kind of expressed to Heavenly Father my frustration and how we have
been working so hard and doing hours and hours of finding everyday and
how I didn't know what else we could do here. One of our investigators
randomly moved to up north of Rome this week without telling and our
other ones are all too busy with exams/vacations/life in general to
meet with us or to keep their commitments.

Well Sunday morning after fast and testimony meeting, we see a lady
we've never seen before and go up and talk to her. Her name is Lucia
and she said she's driven past our church many times and has always
wondered who we are and what we believe so she decided to come.
HALLELUJAH THE CHURCH IS TRUE PEOPLE. We had an incredible lesson
right there on the spot with her about the restoration and she is so
so sweet and interested.

I love how God waits until we're about to give up then that's when He
throws us a bone (or an investigator). I've definitely learned on my
mission that this is the Lord's work and that He doesn't actually need
us to do it but that WE need it. We take so much more out of our
missions than we actually put in. I'm thankful for those little
experiences that we have that show us just how aware the Lord really
is of us. I'm just some random sister missionary in some small city in
Sicily but the Lord hears my prayers and I promise He hears yours too
:) I don't know if Lucia will get baptized right away but it
definitely gave us the spark of hope we needed!!

This week was fun! We were able to do a scambio in Messina with the
sorelle there. I was with Sorella Gleave from Salt Lake! Fun fact for
you: we actually lived in the same building fall semester at BYU
before I left but we never actually met until the mission! The world
is so small! We did a lot of finding and had fun exploring Messina
while we talked to people.

Haha we found a suuuper yummy restaurant today called "Fud" so that's
where the subject line comes from. It's honestly one of the best
burger places I've ever been to. Go Italy!!

Our entire district had colds this week but we finally feel
better...well good enough to hike Mt. Etna today for P-day. That's
right 😏 2nd volcano I've hiked on the mission. Italy is so
breathtakingly beautiful. I feel so blessed to be here doing the
Lord's work! "Avanti andiamo con fede nel Signore!" I love you guys.
Have a fun first week of summer! Go boating and get snow cones for me.
I'm eating my fair share of granita and gelato :)

Con amore,
Sorella Hess

Via Genova 27
Catania 95127

Le foto:
With members in Messina :)
View from the Messina Sorelle's apartment
Took this on the train! It's called Taormina and apparently Trump was here last week with a bunch of other leaders in the world.
McDonalds wifi today as a district
The side of Etna today! This is all lava from when it erupted in 1989.
More pics to come! I forgot my card reader :)

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