Monday, June 19, 2017

final transfer.....what??

Hi guys!

Well President threw another curve ball and Sorella James left me this
week to go to...BARI LIBERTÀ TO BE WITH SORELLA BELLOMO. I just came
from there!! She's going to have a blast! Bari is the promised land
haha. And she gets to be there for Monica & Massimo's baptisms this

My new companion is... Sorella Zapata!! Fun fact for you guys: I
actually met her at the beginning of February before she had left on
the mission. She's from Rome and was visiting friends in Bari. I told
her that day that we would for sure serve together! I was right 😎 She
was born in Ecuador but has lived in Rome since she was 5 so she's
pretty much Italian. She is in her 3rd transfer now so I'm follow-up
training her! She's darling and we're having so much fun already.

This week consisted of a lot of craziness but when does it not?!

Transfer day was interesting haha. Sorella James had a flight to catch
at 5am so I was alone with the Anziani until 9:30am when Sorella Ferre
came to the rescue to spend the afternoon with me in Catania ❤️ I love
Sorella Ferre so much. Sorella Zapata came in at 5pm and then at about
7 the Anziani call me and say we have an emergency haha... so the two
brand new greenies going to Palermo missed their train so they were
stranded in Catania for the night and had to stay with us. I felt like
a mama duck walking around Catania for the rest of the night with 3
young missionaries following behind hahaha. It was fun showing them a
little bit of the city!

Then the next morning we had to drop them off, we almost missed their
train because right before we got to the station we realized one of
them had left their tablet in our apartment. Soo... Sorella Zapata and
I hopped off the metro and sprinted back to the apartment and we
BARELY made their train. All before 7am hahaha. The mission is the
best. I'm gonna miss all the crazy stuff.

PSA: The mosquitos are alive and well in cat city. They got me BETWEEN
MY TOES last night when we got home. I have easily over 20 bites right
now 😑

We had a neat lesson with a less-active family in the ward this
weekend. Their dad recently passed away from cancer and we were able
to talk to them about the Atonement and how it's not just for us when
we need to repent but that it's there for us when we are suffering or
going through challenges. The Spirit was so strong! They also have a
super cute new puppy that's a Chou (idk how to spell it but it's like
a bear and the cutest thing I've ever seen haha).

Yesterday we had a HUUUGE miracle in church. Deannah is a member from
Australia and her husband is from here. She's 25 and is our best
friend. Well her husband isn't a member and they've been married for
almost a year now and he's never been to church before. We're good
friends with him because we visit them all the time and HE CAME
YESTERDAY. Guys I almost cried when I saw that he came! Such a cool
miracle. Deannah just cried during the opening hymn because the spirit
was so strong and she was so happy he came.

Also Lucia came which was a big miracle!! Catania sta fiorendo!!!

I'm dying of heat down here but I've never been happier. I can't
describe the joy missionary work brings. All the rejections we go
through are worth it just to see someone feel the spirit. I love
putting on my name-tag every morning and being a full time
representative of the Savior. Hopefully I'm becoming a little more
like Him each day :)

Also Happy Father's Day yesterday to the greatest dad in the world!!!
So blessed to be your favorite kid, Dad 😉 Thanks for everything you
do for me ❤️

Vi auguro una bellissima settimana!!

Con amore,
Sorella Hess

Via Genova 27
Catania 95127

Le foto:
Alone with these two during transfer day hahaha. Only the Italy Rome mission where the closest sisters are HOURS away hahaha.
Sorella Ferre💕💕
My cute new collega Sorella Zapata!!
Our friend Godspower from Nigeria after volleyball the other night. (Yes, his name is really Godspower!!)
Cutest puppy

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