Thursday, February 18, 2016

Week 2 2/18/2016

Feb. 18, 9:47 am

Hello everyone!! How are you all?

I've made it another week here in the MTC! It's such a special place. I'd love to teach here after my mission just to keep this special missionary spirit in my life. Our teacher, Sorella Bucco, taught us this week to be a "G.E.M." It means to "Grow Every Missionary." We shouldn't want to be the best missionary in our district or zone, but we should want our companions to be. It's our duty to help them by praying for them, serving them, building them up, and doing our best to make this the best experience for them. I've noticed this week that my love for each member of my district/zone grows exponentially when I do this and my relationship with the Savior grows stronger when I forget myself and serve others.

We had 2 amazing devotionals this week! Sunday's was by President Heaton, the Administrative Director at the MTC. He had 2 missionaries who are recent converts stand up and share their conversion stories. It was so powerful! What stood out to me is that neither of them talked about what the missionaries did or said, but how they made them feel. Our job as missionaries is invitare le persone a venire a Cristo aiuandole ad accetare il Vangelo restaurato mediante la fede in Gesu Cristo e la Sua Espiazone, il pentimento, il battesimo, il conferimento del dono dello Spirito Santo e perseverando sino alla fine. We are here to invite others to come unto Christ, to help them feel the Spirit, to know that they are a child of God, and to know that we have a Savior who atoned for us.

Sis. Hess with companion Sis. Rodgers

Tuesday night Elder Rasband from the Quorum of the Twelve came and spoke to us on his talk from 2010, "The Divine Call of a Missionary." This has always been one of my favorite talks and I recommend that you all go watch the Mormon Message! :) He talked about his experiences assigning mission calls these past few months since his new calling and how they pray and fast before to know "perfectly" where each missionary should be called. It gave me another confirmation that I'm supposed to be going to Italy. :) 

The MTC is so amazing. It's definitely a rollercoaster, but when the days get hard, I say a prayer and Heavenly Father helps me get through it every single time. Missions are the greatest. :)

I love you all!! Hope you're all doing well!

Sorella Hess

Ps. It's super fun to get letters... ;) Haha love you all!

Sister Whitney Hess
2005 N. 900 E. 
Unit 99 MAR15 ITA-ROM
Provo, UT 

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