Monday, June 12, 2017

The one with the doves

Carissima famiglia!

I hope you guys are all doing well and having a fun summer! It's just
getting hotter and more humid every single day here! We're working
hard to find new people that want to learn more about the Savior!! If
you guys know of any women/families in Catania that could have
interest in the gospel, let me know!! ;) We loooove referrals.

This week we got a lot of "bidones" (cancelled/no-show appointments)
but it's okay. It happens! A lot of our people are leaving for the
summer so we're kind of starting from scratch and trying to find the
people who WILL be here for summer.

We met some cool kids from Kentucky this week who are here for the
summer as volunteers to work with refugees! What an amazing
experience! We are going to try to meet up with them again and see if
we can help them with a service project or something. Haha it's always
so fun to run into Americans that are our age haha. The only Americans
I ever see are the 4 elders in my district and my companion haha.

Funny/Awkward story: some people were speaking English last night so
we asked where they are from and they were Americans. They told us
they were doing a prayer walk around Catania. Then they asked if they
could pray for us so we said ya, and then they went on to pray for us
for at LEAST a solid 7 minutes and then told us they picture us as
free white doves flying away into the wind. Hahaha. We appreciated the
extra prayers and it was quite the experience. πŸ•ŠπŸ•Š

We've been doing HOURS of street contacting and it's honestly super
fun. I went through a phase on the mission where I didn't really enjoy
it because we get rejected so much but I'm glad I like it again. It's
fun here because there are sooo many tourists so we get to talk to
people from all over the world... BUT, that kind of makes it difficult
for us to grow our teaching pool. But we have referred people to meet
with the missionaries in Kansas, Germany, Russia, Washington,
Colorado, Holland, and about every other state/country in the world
haha. We have faith though that the Lord is going to bless us :)

Sorella James was sick the other day so we spent the morning inside
and I got to study for a few extra hours which was really nice! I read
some amazing talks. One of the cool things I did was I went through my
patriarchal blessing and wrote down 3 columns. One of them I titled,
"who I am," the next on was "promises," and the last one was
"warnings." It was so incredible to study it in a different way. The
Lord truly does know us each individually and perfectly. If you don't
know that for sure, get on your knees and ask him! He will confirm to
you that you are His child and how much He loves you.

Tonight we get transfer last transfer call!! Ahh. Where
has the time gone? I'm excited for these last 6 weeks and to see what
the Lord has in store for us. Vi voglio tanto bene ❤️

Con amore,
Sorella Hess

Via Genova 27
Catania 95127

Le foto:
1-4: I loooove Catania
5: This is Erika. She's my fav. She turns in her mission papers in a few months and is going to be the cutest missionary ever. We're gonna be best friends at BYU when she gets home😊

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