Monday, September 12, 2016

Rough Drafts, Identity Crisis, Taranto e Roma bound Sept. 12, 2016

Me, C, F, L Sorella Jarnagin, and Denis
(member). How stinkin cute are her daughters?
Hey Hey Hey! This will be crazy because we have to take a train backto Taranto today in a little bit to pick up my Permesso (basically my visa to stay in Italy). It will be fun/weird to be back in my first
city! We stay there until Wednesday morning and then are taking a
train from Taranto to Rome for a mission conference on Thursday! It
should be a fun week! Here's to over 16 hours of trains this week! Le
vite delle sorelle. 🇮🇹❤️

-We had to drop one of my favorite investigators this week and it was
pretty hard. It's tough when we have the gospel that brings us so much
joy but people aren't ready to accept it. It's like giving someone the
best present ever and them saying "non mi interessa" (I'm not
interested). I know there are prepared people here. We're praying so
hard that we will be led to them and that they will be led to us.

-Our senior couple this week took us to the American military base for
lunch (American burgers 😍) and then took us to the Navy Exchange
store and let us get some stuff. Bath and body works, American shampoo
and conditioner, etc. We were happy campers. :)

-F is our investigator from the Philippines and she's so ready
to be baptized!! We practiced the baptismal interview questions with
her the other day and she did great. Only problem is that she lives
over an hour away from the church and doesn't have her license yet.
She's taking her driving test in a few weeks and we are praying so
hard that she'll be able to start coming to church.

Sweet church we found the other day when we visited a less active. I
love my mission. This kind of stuff is almost on every corner. 😍

My identity crisis moment. Waiting for the bus in Bellona :)-We highlighted our hair this week and mine turned out good. Poor
Sorella Jarnagin on the other hand.... Haha lets just say she got to
experience what it's like to be a redhead.... Well more like an
orange-head ;) We fixed it and she's back to her beautiful self :)

-I forgot my name tag the other day and we were running late to catch
our train to go to a lesson so we called the elders and had them bring
me one of their extras. Buongiorno!! Sono Anziano Caliò. Haha yeah I
was Anziano Caliò for the day. Identity Crisis or what? An elder's
name tag is better than no name tag I guess :)

We were talking with a member the other night (Jessa-literally my soul
sister. She's unreal) and it was amazing what she said. We were
talking about the Atonement and how when we stand before Heavenly
Father at judgment day, we will basically hand Him a paper of our
life. We can give ourselves a lot more work because we control how
many rough drafts we have to do, but we can turn in a perfect paper
because of the Savior. We don't have to use an eraser and leave behind
black marks. The Atonement allows us to start over on a fresh new
sheet and we will be able to turn in a perfect paper. I'd never
thought about it like that before but I loved it. I'm so thankful we
can get a fresh new page each time we sbagliamo (mess up).

Sorry this is so scatterbrained. We have to get going but I hope you
all have a great week! Since we only get an hour of P-day today, we
get to spend the rest of our P-day in Rome on Wednesday so we're
planning on going to either the Vatican or hitting downtown Rome
(Trevi fountain, Coliseum, etc.) Stay tuned :)
Vi voglio un mondo di bene!

Con amore,
Sorella Hess :)

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