Monday, August 29, 2016

Forza Italia August 29, 2016

"L" a recent convert

What a week!!! Wow. First off, I want to say that all the missionaries
in this mission are safe. There was a 6.1 earthquake up near Rome this
week and a lot of people were killed. It was about 2.5 hours away from
here and happened at 3:30am. We were asleep but we've heard from
several of our friends here that they were awake and felt it. Please
keep everyone that was effected by it in your prayers!

As we were teaching R this week, we were bearing testimony about
the atonement and I felt completely overwhelmed with love for her.
I've only known her for about 5 weeks, but I felt like I was given a
glimpse of God's love for her. It was amazing :)

What happens when we ask the Elders to take pics for us.....all blurry hahaha

Ok, ready for the biggest miracle?!?! Friday night we met these two
teenage girls and their mom-E (19), P (17), and M the mom. We
taught them right there on the street about how they can be an eternal
family and set a return appointment for the next night. They came on
Saturday night and brought their dad too!! We taught them all the
Restoration and they LOVED it. It felt like we were on the District
haha. Dream lesson. They are so excited and preparing to be baptized
on October 8th!!! It was so amazing. They are elect! My favorite quote
from the night was, "What do I have to do to be a Sorella like you
guys? I want to be Sorella E one day!" Music to my ears :)

They said they were coming to church the next morning and we were
pretty bummed when they didn't show up. They called us later on Sunday
and explained that their mom had work at 7am and they didn't have a
ride because their dad's car wouldn't start but that they've been
reading the Book of Mormon and praying and are loving it!
Weekly planning selfie

On Monday we did an FHE with this cute blonde (😊) American family on
the base. They gave us a huge jar of peanut butter and a big container
of mint oreos 😍 The tiniest jar of peanut butter here is literally
€6.50 so we loooove having Americans in the ward who live on the base
and can get stuff for cheap. It's the little things. Invite the
missionaries over guys! We've been eating PB&J's all week.

We added another investigator this week, A, who owns a gym and is a body builder. Guys,
she's ripped. Hahaha #lifegoals. I was thinking the other day about
how we have to exercise every day. What happens when we don't? We lose
muscle, it becomes harder the next time, we lose motivation, etc. It's
exactly the same with working out spiritually. When we aren't doing
the small things every day like reading the scriptures and praying,
Satan works a lot harder on us and it becomes much harder. We lose
spiritual strength. I'm thankful to be here on a mission and to have 2
hours set aside every day to study the scriptures and "spriritually
exercise". :) I encourage you all to go watch the Mormon Message,
"Flecks of Gold." We use this all the time with our MA's
(Meno-attivi's = less-actives) and investigators to show that as we do
the small things every day, piano piano (little by little) they will
become big things.

Spero che tutto sia posto! Grazie per i vostri esempi e le vostre
testimonianze! I have the best family & friends ever. Ciao ciao for
now :)

Sorella Hess

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