Monday, August 8, 2016

August 8, 2016 "Vesuvius, Exchanges, Sushi, etc."

Hi guys!! Another amazing week!! 
Here are some highlights:

-R is doing awesome!! She has read 12 chapters of the BOM and said she feels peace every day when she reads :) She explained everything she had read perfectly!! I love her :)

Chalk street display we did for our exchange with the other Sorelle.
3 Meal Appointments in the past week!!! (WHOO!!) Discovered that my stomach shrunk since I left Taranto because we haven't been eating as much with members. The first meal appointment this week almost killed me hahaha. Soo much food!

-We spent P-day hiking Mt. Vesuvius today (massive volcano near Napoli). Sooo cool. I have to pinch myself because it feels like a dream on days like this. (Pics included!) EVERYONE needs to see it from the top! You can see the whole Napoli Bay-Amalfi, Capri, Pozzuoli, Ischia, Napoli, etc. Pictures don't do it justice!!

Looking into the volcano!! 


I had an exchange with Sorella Littlefield from Orem! Always so fun to be with people from UT county:) 

-I found out that my investigator Miriam (18yr old) from Taranto was baptized last week!! Seriously made my entire week!! So happy for her :)

-After DDM (District Meeting) in Napoli on Wednesday, our whole district went out and got sushi! All you can eat for only €9!! We definitely got our money's worth!!

I've been studying a lot this week about what it means to be truly converted. I loved the talk by Bonnie Oscarson from October of 2013. She said, "Being truly converted means we are acting upon what we believe and allowing it to "create a mighty change in us or in our hearts. We must do the work first and exercise faith by living the gospel, and then we will receive a witness that it is true." I've seen this a lot on my mission. When we ask someone to follow the word of wisdom or come to church or something, they have to act on faith to do it and then that's when their testimony of it comes. The same is with us! We have to act and have faith in order to be converted so we can have that mighty change :) 

Also I encourage you all to read "Laborers in the Vineyard" by Elder Holland from April 2012. It's incredible.

Sorry this is all over the place! We don't have much time to email today but I promise I'll respond to everyone next week :) Sure love you all!! 


Sorella Hess

1. Chalk street display we did for our exchange with the other Sorelle.
2. Looking into the volcano!! 
3. 😍😍😍

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