Monday, August 15, 2016

August 15, 2016 "Miracoli ovunque!!"

Buona ferragosto (holiday in Italy where everyone and their dog goes to the beach :) So many miracles this week! Where to start?!

R. Tuesday we had a lesson with her and the first thing she asks is, "I've been reading the Book of Mormon and praying every day, but how do I know I'm feeling the spirit? I always feel peaceful when I read, is that the answer?" Music to a missionary's ears😍 Wednesday we were going to visit our investigator who lives right by Rosalia, and after we left her lesson, I called up to Rosalia's balcony because her door was opened just to say bye (just retread that sentence out loud and it made no sense haha). She comes out and is like, "Are you guys not coming up?!" Ummm yeah! We can do that hahaha:) So we were able to have another lesson with her. And then the next day she invited us back too! She's finished with 1st Nephi already and can explain the story backwards and forwards! We were talking about faith with her on Saturday and she brought up what a great example of faith Nephi is! She's amazing :)

At our favorite park by our house the other night. 
G: We've been trying to meet with her and teach her the Restoration this entire transfer but every time we go to her store, there's always a customer distracting her so we have to cut it short. The other day she invited us over to the store so we went and taught her the Restoration. It couldn't have gone any better!! Not a single person came in and interrupted us which was a miracle in and of itself. She just kept saying how she feels like Joseph Smith because she's always been looking for the truth and has felt lost her whole life! She told us she would be baptized when she knows that the Book of Mormon is true :) :) :) 

Joseph Smith movie night with our favorite people :)
F: She's from the Philippines so we teach her in English (which is a struggle because we never teach/pray in English haha but Heavenly Father makes it work). She's 39 and is the cuuuutest thing. We were able to set a baptismal date with her and are so excited :) 

R: My Chilean Grandma :) We taught her this week and the lesson went so well! She said she wants to be completely ready when she's baptized but we're hoping for sometime in October! 

Got proposed to the other night on the street by a random man in his 50's. Wish I could say that it was the first time hahaha. I told him I'm a missionary for another year and he said that it's ok, he'll wait. Hahahhaha. Oh dear... 

We had a movie night with 2 of our recent converts in the ward and Rory and Gianfranco (investigators). We watched the Joseph Smith Restoration movie and had popcorn and other dolci. It isn't translated to Italian purtroppo (unfortunately) so we did the next best thing... español. Hahaha it's close enough to Italian and we all understood it. #giftoftongues :) But Mamma Mia, my testimony of the Restoration has grown so much on my mission. We have the privilege of telling these people about it all day every day. It really is true you guys :)

Church with R (investigator) and L (recent convert) yesterday :)
Ok well this turned into a novel. Sorry about that haha. Last thing I want to share is just a thought that I had while reading a talk the other day. It said something along the lines of "the Savior is able and eager to forgive our sins." You know that feeling when you give someone a present and you just can't wait for them to open it and use it and enjoy it? It's the same thing with the Savior and His Atonement. He's given us the most incredible gift anyone could ever give and all we have to do is access it and do our best to be like Him to have eternal life.

I'm so happy to be here in Italy serving as a representative of the Savior. Love you all un mondo di bene! 

Sorella Hess

Ps, we get transfer calls tonight!! Hopefully this is the last 5 week transfer for a while because my mission is going by WAY too fast. It will be interesting to see what happens :) Stay tuned...

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At our favorite park by our house the other night. 
Joseph Smith movie night with our favorite people :)
Church with R (investigator) and L (recent convert) yesterday :)

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