Monday, May 15, 2017

I'm a wizard

Buongiorno guys!

Everything is going great down in Sicilia. I absolutely love it here!! 

I've always had a testimony of God especially protecting the missionaries but this week definitely confirmed it. We were walking home one night and there are these giant poles that stick out of the sidewalk so people won't park there. We literally couldn't have walked 5 steps past them when this car comes barreling into them and flattened them to the ground and then spun off and hit another car. We easily could've been seriously injured but luckily the car didn't hit anyone else on the sidewalk except the other car and they were all miraculously okay even though the cars were destroyed! Exact obedience brings miracles guys! 

Family history: We have a friend from California that lives on our block and we got to help her do family history this week. She's seriously one of the coolest people I've met on the mission. She is African American and has her PhD in English so she's a professor for a university here. It was so fun helping her and getting to know her better. She's a practicing Jew but we are hoping family history will trigger some questions about our church and she'll have more interest :) 
Adelaide: Okay this is my personal fav for the week. Saturday night we were doing finding in a cool park called Villa Bellini and we saw this girl who was crying and was obviously having a hard day. I'll be honest, I probably wouldn't have normally approached her but I literally felt like someone pushed me to talk to her. We sat down and asked if we could show her a video that we knew could help her and she said "yes, please do!" So we showed her Grazie a Lui (because of Him) and talked about having faith in Christ and how we can overcome our trials. She said what we were saying was super intriguing and that she instantly felt peace when we started talking :) We invited her to church and she came the next day! I love when we're just completely led by the Spirit to do something we normally wouldn't do but it turns out being a huge miracle! 

In other news, that same night we were walking down the street and this guy stops us and asks if we speak English. He proceeds to tell us he's a wizard and by the end of the conversation tries to kiss my comp...not just like on the cheek like normal here... like "a real kiss" (in his words). I turned into mama bear for a minute and we got outta there hahahaha.

I gave a talk in church on John 14: 17-18 which talks about how we won't be left comfortless in trials and that the Savior will come to us. As I've been studying this week, I've been able to reflect on the many times during my mission and my life where I felt alone and then every time without fail, I'm overwhelmed with the Savior's love.

Another thing I've learned a lot on the mission that was reinforced this week is how when things don't go to plan...there's nothing we can do about it. It's not worth it to get frustrated! Stuff hardly ever goes according to plan on the mission. It's okay because it's out of our control if buses aren't on time...or just don't pass at all, or if people cancel on us, or if they change the talent show to start at 9:30pm on a Friday night and then the missionaries can't go cuz #curfew. :) Learning to just roll with it :) 

Skype was awesome!!! I got to do a group Skype call with my brother Sam who's in Fiji so that was a blast. I love my fam! I hope all you Moms had a great Mother's Day! I love and appreciate you all :) 

Con amore,
Sorella Hess

Via Genova 27 
Catania 95127 

Sorella James quote of the week: "I feel like missionaries walking up to a member's house in Sicily for a meal appointment is like voluntarily choosing to get martyred."
You guys they feed us soo much here it literally HURTS you and feels like your stomach is going to tear and you're in pain for hours afterwards haha. It's such good food but almost turture.

Le foto:
1-the view on the way to the church each day
2-haha idk. 
3-1st vision Italian version
5-one of the cool churches in Catania
6-the damage from the accident 😬

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