Monday, March 27, 2017

Transfer 10... whattt?!

Hi guys!!

So I'm staying in Bari and guess who my new comp is... Sorella
Bellomo!! We are sooo excited to be together! She was in my last zone
for the past 3 transfers so we know each other pretty well already.
She's from Vercelli Italy--up north kinda by Milano. We've been
speaking only Italian so it's been fun! My Italian will definitely
improve this transfer :) Sorella Sargeant went to... Caserta!!!!! That
lucky girl! My favorite place in the world! She's gonna love it and
they're gonna love her!!!

Monica and Massimo came to church again yesterday and are officially
moving in this Saturday so we are excited to work with them! They are
awesome and she's so ready for the gospel.

Several less-actives came to church yesterday which was a huge miracle! :)
Last district pic
Yesterday our Bishop's family had a visitor that I know from back
home! Brother Montagnoli from the Manila 7th ward!! We had lunch with
them and it was great to be able to see someone from home for the
first time on my mission haha. The world is small :)

ALSO, we heard that they put the angel Moroni on the Rome Temple
yesterday which is a huge step! We are so excited to be apart of this
hastening of the work.
Bye to Sorella Sargeđź’•
I'm loving my mission!! It's flying by faster than I would like but
I'm trying to savor every moment!! Sure love you guys! Have a
wonderful week đź’•

Con amore,
Sorella Hess

Via Orazio Flacco 13/3
Bari, Italia

Last district pic
Bye to Sorella Sargeđź’•
Bellomo in Bari today!!
With the crew yesterday at lunch :)
Bellomo in Bari today!!

With the crew yesterday at lunch :)

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