Monday, January 16, 2017

Conquered the Fufu...

It was a great week. I can't believe I've been here in Caserta for over 6 months. I love it here so much! It truly feels like home to me. Not a whole ton of stuff happened this week that was extra exciting. We've been working with a lot of less-active members. It's fun to see them recognize the Spirit again during our lessons. One of our Less-Actives has a 9yr old daughter that we're teaching who should be getting baptized here in a couple weeks. She's the cutest! We taught her the plan of salvation this week and she LOVED it. It's fun having to simplify the lessons down to a child's level because it makes us focus on what's the most important. Also Gianfranco gets baptized this weekend! It's been a long time since he started investigating the church so it's really exciting that it's happening!! 

Here's probably the most exciting thing that happened: 
The Battipaglia Sorelle came to do a scambio with us and I was with Sorella Barnes from North Salt Lake. She's the same age as Sorella Neuberger in the mission so in her 2nd transfer. We were visiting a woman in our ward that's from Ghana and we didn't realize that she would be feeding us and we had just eaten a couple hours before so we weren't super hungry. I've heard all about "fufu" but I had never tried it on my mission yet. It's basically a huge piece of dough that is on one plate and then a bowl next to it with soup in it. Our soup had a full-on chicken (bones and all), mushrooms, and a bunch of other stuff. You eat it all with your hands and dip the bread dough in the soup. It was dannnng spicy. I had no clue how hot African food is so shoutout to Sis Caroline Richards and my cousins and friends serving down in Africa. 💛 Our eyes were watering the whole time. I probably chugged a whole two liter bottle of water by myself hahaha. AND, she gave us each enough dough to feed a family of 10. Hahaha we were DYING by the end. I've never prayed so hard to be able to finish something and keep it down with a smile. It was way nice of her to feed us and I'd always wanted to try it--I just hadn't eaten spicy food for almost a year so we weren't used to it haha.

We got to teach the Young Women yesterday which was a blast. It made me think of my sisters Hailey and Sadie :) It was on why Jesus Christ is important in our lives. We asked them a rhetorical question that I've been thinking a lot about. What is the difference between knowing about Christ and knowing Christ? Do you know Christ or do you know of Him? It reminded me of the talk from this last conference by Elder Bednar. I invite you all to read it and to ask yourself if you truly know Christ. I'm so thankful for my Savior and that I get to be a full-time representative of Him. 

Ok one more funny story: Last night we were going through the area book calling old simps. I called a lady who tells us she has 17 cats and several of them are dying right now so she's too busy to meet with us. I ask if we can help her with anything and she says just to pray. So we're praying for her cats and maybe she'll find time to meet with us ;) Haha.

Vi voglio un Napolitano di bene! 

Sorella Hess

Piazza Monte Gemma 9
Roma 00141

Fufu! Doesn't do it justice for how filling it was haha.
One more of Pompeii last week 

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