Monday, October 3, 2016

Conferenza Generale, Scambi, 8 Mesi!!(11) Oct. 3, 2016

Buonasera cari miei!!
Come va? I seriously cannot believe it's October. Today's my 8 month mark in the mission!! I want time to stop. The mission is incredible. Also, wanted to give a quick shout out to my little brother Sam on submitting his papers this week :) Keep your fingers crossed he comes to the Great Italy Rome Mission :) 

We had an exchange with the Sorelle in Battipaglia from Monday night to Tuesday afternoon and I was with cute Sorella Shubin from Alpine!! We found a 14yr old girl on the street and taught her the Restoration right there. She was really interested so I'm excited to see what happens with her :) Scambi (exchanges) bring miracles!

We visited an older man in our ward and his wife who isn't a member this week. They fed us lunch (ovviamente haha) and it was delicious. He is the coolest member ever and has a full on baptismal font in his house. It was the biggest and most beautiful house I've seen on my whole mission. Out in the middle of the country with a huge garden. It was amazing. We love Fratello Izzo. 
We had a busy and awesome week and conference was the icing on the cake!! Wasn't it incredible? I loved all of the talks!! I took way too many pages of notes haha. Here are some of my favorite quotes/thoughts I had while listening: (sorry if they aren't exactly worded right)
"Even though storms will beat on the ship, we need not fear because the Savior is on board. He is our captain! Even the winds and seas obey Him. He will never abandon any of us." -M. Russell Ballard

"As we become more familiar with something, we lose our sense of awe. The same thing goes with the gospel. We've been given so much!! The message of the gospel is exciting!! We should be proud of our message! We have unimaginable glory to come." -President Uchtdorf
"Let the Savior be your caregiver. Turn to Him." -Robert D. Hales

I could go on all day, but I encourage you all to go back and read the talks again. 
I LOVED the talk called "The Master Healer" from the Women's session. You should all go read it right now :) and of course "Fourth Floor, Last Door" by President Uchtdorf.

We get transfer calls tonight after 8 so it will be fun to see if we stay or go! I love Caserta so much. I could honestly serve here until I go home and be happy. Caserta is the promised land and Napoli Zone is the best 😊 I love you all. I love this gospel. I love the joy that comes from sharing the gospel. We are SO blessed. Pray for an opportunity to share your testimony!

Vi voglio un mondo di bene,
Sorella Hess

Positano last P-day

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