Monday, October 10, 2016

Transfer 6 here we gooo!

Ciao everybody :)

We got transfer calls last Monday night and Sorella Jarnagin and I are staying here in Caserta for another transfer and I got made Sister Training Leader! We're super excited! There's a lot we want to get done this transfer and we're ready to work hard.

On Thursday we had the elders come over to Rosalia's house with us to give her a blessing. It was so spiritual! We asked her how she felt afterwards and I loved what she said, "una felicità strana e familiare" which translates to "a strange and familiar happiness." The Spirit IS familiar to us! Every single one of us on the earth chose to follow the Savior's plan and come to earth to have a body and to be tested. When we hear the gospel and feel the Spirit, is does feel strangely familiar! :)
We had Mission Leadership Conference on Friday that we Skyped in for and it was really awesome. President Pickerd got a little emotional at the end as he was sharing his testimony and I've been thinking a lot about what he said. "I don't want to be a disappointment to the Quorum of the 12 apostles who personally called me to represent the Savior in this part of the vineyard." The same goes for all of us missionaries. We've all been personally called by the apostles (and obviously Heavenly Father) to represent the Savior wherever we are serving and we should do our best to not let them down.
Our whole district has been sick this week but I'm starting to feel better meno male. Saturday was Sorella Jarnagin's birthday. We all went to the senior couple's apartment and she made us tacos for lunch! Then we took a train out to Pozzuoli for the baptisms of 2 ladies in the Napoli branch. We had to fill up the font with buckets because the drain was letting water out and we realized right before the baptism was supposed to start and they had about a foot of water hahaha. We took our new convert Luana and she loved it! It's the first baptism she's been able to see since her own back in April :) Right after they did the baptisms, she leans over to me and said, "I feel the exact same feelings that I felt when I was baptized!!" :) 
We had a super awesome miracle yesterday. A 27 year old girl named Veronica walks into church and says she wants to learn more about what we believe. She stayed for all 3 hours and loved it! We gave her a Book of Mormon and she's coming back to the church tonight for a lesson! I love when miracles just fall out from the sky :)
Today we went up to Casertavecchia again for P-day as a district. It's a really pretty view of the whole valley all the way down to Napoli and you can see Capri the island in the bay! :)

Le cose vanno molto bene qui :) Prego e spero che lo sia altrettanto per voi :)

Baci da Caserta❤️
Sorella Hess
Pretty view from the chapel in Pozzuoli

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