Sunday, July 31, 2016

July 25, 2016 "Casertavecchia, miracle, e nuovi simpatizzanti!"

Buongiorno Cari Miei!

This week was amazing! We saw some incredible miracles. One night we
were doing finding in a park and we stared talking to a man on a
bench. He told us he was atheist and didn't want anything to do with
God, but we kept talking and after a minute he invited us to sit down.
We ended up teaching him the whole Restoration and gave him a BOM but
he wouldn't give us his number so we were a little bummed. Two nights
later we were at the same park doing finding and guess who we saw
again?? Roger!! I don't believe in coincidences. He immediately
invited us to sit down and asked us to share something else with him
so we went right into the Plan of Salvation. He asked some really good
questions and I pray that his heart continues to open up to our
message! Such a nice guy!! He said he's coming to English Course
tomorrow so we're going to try to meet with him again afterwards.

We added another investigator named Gaetana who owns a clothing store.
She's really cute and has known the missionaries for a while but
hasn't let us share a message. We stopped by to visit her and she had
several friends there in the store. She introduced us as the American
Mormon missionaries and asked us to share a thought on the Savior. So
cool!! We're hopefully teaching her the Restoration tonight :)

Another thing we do here in Italia for finding is a called a "mostra"
or a "gesso." It's where all the missionaries go to a busy part of
town and someone draws with chalk or does something to get others'
attention and the rest of the missionaries try to stop as many people
as possible. Last night we did a gesso with chalk and it was probably
the most successful one I've had yet on my mission! We got a bunch of
phone numbers so we're excited to contact them this week and explain
more about the church :)

The Anziani (elders) in our city made us lasagna & tiramisu for lunch
yesterday after church because one of them is from Milan. It was super
fun! There are two recent converts here in the ward that are always
helping the missionaries out with lessons, mostra's, etc. so they had
lunch with us too. I love when recent converts share their conversion
stories. It's one of the most powerful things ever :)

Today for P-day some of our English Course students, Rita e Salvatore,
offered to take us to Casertavecchia and then show us some cool places
around our area! It's this really beautiful ancient city up in the
mountains near Caserta. Then they showed us several really cool
chapels and took us to this silk factory. This week was full of really
awesome experiences but I'll keep it short :) I love you all! Thank
you for all of your support. Have a great week!!

Sorella Hess

Ps, my new address in Caserta is:
Sorella Whitney Hess
Via Caduti Sul Lavoro, 3
Caserta, CE

And our mission office moved this week so if you happen to send me a
package (😉)  our new address is:
Sorella Whitney Hess
Missione Italiana di Roma
Piazza Monte Gemma, 9

Later in the day........
Other photos!
We walked to the church less than an hour ago and it was barely
sprinkling, and then we just went outside and the roads are completely

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