Monday, April 4, 2016

April 4, 2016--Week #8

Hi Fam/Friends!!

I hope you enjoyed conference! Wasn't it great? We are so blessed to
be able to hear from our leaders of the church and receive personal
revelation from our Father in Heaven. We had a Taran-totally awesome
week here in Taranto...hahaha that wasn't even funny😂

Wednesday was Specialized Training (mini Zone Conference). We talked a
lot about the importance of PMG and the LDM (Libro di Mormon). It was
fun to meet the whole zone for the first time and to see President and
Sorella Waddoups again.

I had my first scambio (exchange) Wednesday night to Thursday
afternoon with Sorella Muçe--one of the sweetest people I've ever met.
She's serving in Crotone which is about 5hrs away from here. She's
Albanian but has lived in Italy since she was 11. She's only 1
transfer older than me in the mission so there were two greenies on
the loose in Taranto😁😂 but we managed to get by! I kind of know my
way around the city and she knows the language so it worked out😊 We
had fun talking to everyone we could and doing the best missionary
work we knew how to do.

So it was her companion's birthday on Thursday and we wanted to get
her a cake to surprise her, so we went to the store to buy one. We
made sure to check the ingredients so there wasn't any coffee or
alcohol cuz you know...Europeans likes their coffee and alcohol:) Well
anyway, we were at lunch for her birthday and started eating the cake
and let's just say it tasted a little funny... Turns out they don't
tell you that there's alcohol in the frosting! Hahahaha OOPS!!😳😅
#greenieproblems! Good thing there aren't cars in this area because
missionaries getting a DUI probably wouldn't be the best church
headline😉 We stopped eating once we realized what it was:)

On Friday night we stopped by M's house to drop off her birthday
present. We had a lesson with her and set a return appointment so we
got to officially add her as a new investigator! We are so excited to
work with her:) She just turned 9 and is the cutest thing ever. We
gave her a book with the stories in the BOM for kids and she read 2
chapters right when we gave it to her! She's awesome:)

We watched the Saturday Morning and Sunday Morning sessions live (6pm
for us) so it was really fun knowing all of you were watching it at
the same time as us, halfway across the world. The talks and music
were so amazing. I definitely felt the Spirit--even in the sessions
that we watched in Italian that I didn't completely understand. It'll
be good to read through them again and really study what they are
teaching us.

I'm so thankful to be here serving these great people. These past two
months have been incredible. The gospel is such a blessing. I look
around this city and just feel so blessed to have been raised in the
church. There are many people who are ready to be a part of this
church, we're just doing our best to find them:)

Also, everyone should read the book called "Our Heritage." It's all
about the Restoration of the church:) "Every happiness and every joy
that has been worthy of the name has been the result of keeping the
commandments of God and observing his advice and counsel." "I can say
to you, my brethren and sisters, the happiest people in this world are
those who love their neighbors as themselves and manifest their
appreciation of God's blessings by their conduct in life." -George
Albert Smith

We're going to beach in Pulsano today (not to swim😊) so that's why
we're emailing earlier than usual. I hope you all have a great week!
Vi voglio bene!!

Sorella Hess

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Sorella Muçe ( we went on splits)

Sorella Adamson (my companion)

Cute M and her family (M is the cutie in the middle)

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