Monday, April 17, 2017

Tower of real life

Buona Pasquetta!!

I love Easter in Italy! We've had such a fun week. Today we are having
Pasquetta at the church with the whole ward. We've been playing
volleyball, ping-pong, calcetto, soccer, Just Dance, etc. all day long
and it's been a blast! Bari knows how to party!
Sllllaa Bellomo

We've had a great and busy week--complete with 2 exchanges.
We took a train for an hour and a half to Foggia and spent a day with
them from Thursday to Friday. I was with Sorella Manning who's in her
2nd transfer. We had a lot of fun and were able to teach some cool
lessons. We came back Friday afternoon and went directly out to
Bitonto with the ZL's and did some finding and then we came back to
Bari for our Mexican Fiesta night with the GANS (YSA). Whooo!

Saturday Sorella Holmes (one of the Sorelle we live with) wasn't
feeling very well so her comp spent the morning/afternoon inside with
her and then I spent the evening in with her so Sorella CB could go
out and not go stir-crazy.

Yesterday we had pranzo with Giuliana and Pippo :) She's a recent-ish
convert! They spoiled us and treated us like family. I love them!!

Afterwards we had some meetings and then went to the senior couple's
house for a Nacho Party!!! Leftovers from the fiesta night. We
all piled into the elevator afterwards (...10 missionaries hahahaha)
and literally before the elevator doors had shut we started dropping
from the 5th floor. We were jam packed in that tiny elevator and all
screaming and sweating and freaking out hahahaha. Luckily Anziano
Fitzner was there and he was a fireman back in the day so he knew to
pry the door open and we all jumped out before it dropped all the way
to the very basement hahahha. Memories­čśé Lesson learned, the weight
limit posted inside the elevator isn't just a suggestion.
Cute Sorella Manning in Foggia!

Easter eggs from members yesterday

I love this time of year and that we get to reflect on our Savior and
His Resurrection. This week I've been studying a lot and teaching a
lot about the purpose of life. We are here on the earth for a lot of
reasons but the biggest ones are so that we can have a body, to learn,
to grow, and to experience JOY! Our Heavenly Father wants us to be
happy!! When things aren't going our way, we shouldn't ask why it's
happening but what we are supposed to learn from that experience. We
are never alone! Our Savior has been through it all and understands us
Giuliana and Pippo!!

Vi voglio tanto bene! Grazie per il vostro amore e sostegno. Sono
davvero grata per voi!!

Con tanto amore,
Sorella Hess

Via Orazio Flacco 13/3
Bari, Italia

Le foto:
Easter eggs from members yesterday
Giuliana and Pippo!!
Sllllaa Bellomo
Cute Sorella Manning in Foggia!

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