Monday, November 21, 2016

"God is great, pizza's good, and people are crazy."

Ester & Pia
Picking up Sorella Neuberger
Well this week was absolutely not what I was expecting but it was
great!! We got our transfer calls Monday nights and I thought I would
for sure be transferred because I've been here since July, but.....I
found out I would be staying here and getting a new missionary! I was
so happy!! I love it here so much and am excited for the opportunity
to train a new Sister!

We had a crazy week getting everything ready and so Sorella Jarnagin
could say bye to everyone. We had a really cool lesson on Tuesday
before English course with our investigator Stefania who's 19. We
taught her the Plan of Salvation with one of our recent converts,
Luana. Stefania accepted a baptismal date and has already started the
Book of Mormon so we're excited about that :)
Thursday morning we took the train to Napoli and waited for my new
companion to get here. She got off the train and I immediately knew we
would get among great :) Her name is Sorella Neuberger from Lexington
South Carolina. She went to BYU for the past year and is so cute.
We've already had so much fun together so the next few months will be
a blast!! She's taught me so much already. The first day we had
English course and she bore her testimony at the end and was so sweet
and brought the Spirit. The next day I showed her how to do English
course finding and she just jumped right in and started talking to
people on the street. It was so awesome to see how willing she is to
talk to anyone. She's amazing :)

Saturday night we had a Thanksgiving Party at the church with the ward
members and then we also invited people from English Course. We had an
awesome turnout!! We added a new investigator named Omayra who's from
Columbia. She's so nice and seems really interested in the church so
I'll keep you posted! 😊
First Napolitano Pizza
Sunday we had a gesso with the Anziani and yet again she just blew me
away with how brave she was! We added a new investigator right there
on the street and she seems really promising. Caserta sta fiorendo

I'm so thankful for this opportunity I have to be a missionary. Il mio
cuore è pieno (my heart is full). "All that I treasure most in life
began to mature in the mission field." -Richard G. Scott. I invite you
all to take a minute to write down some of the things you are thankful
for and you will be overwhelmed by everything the Lord has given us. I
love this time of year and the Spirit that is in the air. It's
especially strong out here on the mission as we can focus on serving
other people and helping them feel the Spirit. La vita è bella!!

Vi voglio un tacchino di bene🦃❤️
Sorella Hess

Le foto
Ester & Pia
Picking up Sorella Neuberger
First Napolitano Pizza

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