Monday, May 9, 2016

Week 14 (I think!) May 9, 2016

Buongiorno cari miei!! Spero che tutto sia bene per voi:) I can't
believe it's already Monday again! Time really is FLYING!! I feel like
I just emailed yesterday haha!!

We had a fun week! We had several lessons with our investigators and
we bright members with us. It's amazing what a difference it makes
having a third person there to share their testimony too. We met with
Margherita (24yr old) this week and taught her the Restoration and she
prayed at the end of the lesson and the Spirit was so strong. She's
such a sweet girl. She's out of town for the next week or so, so we're
hoping they get home soon and we can continue to work with her.

We had 2 lessons with M! She's amazing!! She told us that she
lost her keys the other day and her husband and daughter were really
upset at her for it. She decided to pray like we had taught her and
she found her keys right after! So cool!!:) Gotta love answers to
prayers like that😊

Today for P-day we went and toured the Aragonese Castle of Taranto. We
have the Sorelle from Crotone with us because we have scambio's
tomorrow and then Zone Conference on Wednesday. It's been nice to have
some girl time and people to speak in English with😂 The only people
we ever speak in English to are the Anziani in our district so every
once in a while it's good to be around other girls haha.

This morning I was reading an article from the November New Era from
1996 (haha I downloaded them all from the year I was born😂). It has
the cutest article in it called "A Reason to Smile." I encourage you
all to go read it!! It's awesome. It tells this story about having a
good attitude:
“A father is aboard an airplane on a short business trip. He has with
him his five-year-old son and is almost wishing his son were not there
because it is a very rough trip. There are downdrafts and updrafts and
head winds alternating with tail winds, and some passengers are
feeling a bit queasy. Apprehensively, the father glances at his son
and finds him grinning from ear to ear. ‘Dad,’ he says, ‘do they do
this just to make it fun for the kids?’”

I love this! We need to remember how important it is to be positive
and remember how blessed we are. D&C 31:3 D&C 78:17-19 :)

I love you guys!! Thank you for all you do for me. Have a wonderful week:)
"God our strength will be, press forward ever called to serve our king."

Con amore,
Sorella Hess

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One of our English course students brought us panzarotti 😍
In the castle today in Città Vecchia:)

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